1989 w/ 4.0 Swap in Durham, NC

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 2/20/2019 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Asking Price: $3,800

Bronco Features

  • Model Year: 1989
  • Odometer: 544,611
  • Engine: 6 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Condition: Good

Ad Information

  • City/Area: Durham
  • State/Region: North Carolina
  • Contact Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!

More Details & Pictures

Are you looking to up your grocery getting game? Turn heads when you roll? Or just add a little excitement to your life? Whether you surf, bike, camp, hike, fish, hunt, or just want something you can put your dog in for weekend adventures, this is your vehicle.

I have had this bronco “el caballero” for about a year. I moved to Durham from Northern California and was looking for something out of the ordinary to get me to work and back as well as something I could load up the dog and bikes and camping gear and head out for some fun on the weekends. It did all of that! This was my daily driver. For eight months, I commuted 50 miles round trip 5 days a week. This truck rarely let me down.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a 1989, and even with a 93′ 4.0 Explorer motor, it takes some upkeep and maintenance. This isn’t a vehicle that you can just turn the key, hammer down, and cruise worry free. It has few issues that need to be addressed.

Before we get to the bad – I’m selling because I have a new baby. The Bronco II isn’t exactly infant friendly. It’s old, two-doors, top-heavy, and needs constant TLC. I don’t have the time, money, or space anymore. I bought a new, little, never-let-me-down, family-friendly, gas saver. 

Now let’s talk good and bad.

The good:
– 4.0 swap completed before I purchased the truck – 93′ Explorer motor
– Interior and dash upgraded to Eddie Bauer edition – leather, automatic seats, power windows
– Easy starts
– 4X4 works great
– AC upgraded to 134A – blows cold
– New ECM computer 
– New fuel pump, filter, and lines
– Nice profile and stance with the rack and lift

The Bad (it is almost 30 years old):
– Since I have stopped driving it daily, it has developed an issue that I haven’t been able to figure out. At highway speeds (65+), it will cutout after maybe 15-20 minutes of driving. It doesn’t do it every time I take it on the highway, and it starts up after sitting for 15 minutes or so. It feels like its not getting fuel. By the time I get it to the shop and they take it out for a road test, it isn’t acting up anymore. Now that I have a new vehicle and a new baby, I haven’t had the time or the money to keep investigating. It has a new fuel pump and ECM. I wouldn’t take this Bronco on a long trip – more than 50 miles as is.
– The passenger window comes off its track occasionally and needs some help going up and down.
– The automatic locks don’t work on the passenger side
– The KC’s need to be re-wired
– There is a spot o the roof where the paint is peeling

With the right buyer, someone who is patient, knowledgeable, and willing to invest in the upkeep, this vehicle would be perfect.

$3,800 (OBO). Make me an offer.

Ford. Bronco. Bronco 2. 4×4. Off-road. SUV. Truck.

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